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Howdy Stranger! Yonder Is Jackson Hole... China

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You've heard of China's full-scale replicas of famous Western cities like London and Paris. But it appears the kitsch of the Old American West is for sale within comfortable driving distance from Beijing as well, as evidenced by the 1,000-unit development known as Jackson Hole, China. Security guards in cowboy costumes patrol "Route 66" on golf carts while wealthy city dwellers from Beijing pay around $300,000 for three-bedroom log cabin homes reminiscent of homes we've covered before in the real Jackson Hole. Designed by a very opportunistic and slightly shameless Allison Smith, the homes offer "spiritual fulfillment" for owners by letting them garden, barbecue, and inhale the sweet smog-filled air sifting in from Beijing for the weekend.

The couple in the video above spent some time in the US where they developed a serious obsession with Americana, as evidenced by their collection of Midwestern license plates, things emblazoned with eagles and red, white, and blue, and even a copy of the Declaration of Independence framed on the wall. As ridiculous as it may seem, CNN says almost all of the 1,000 units have been bought, and next up for developer Liu Xiangyang are 2,000 townhouses built in the fashion of Northern California's Mendocino, along with a winery, on 43 square miles of land.

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