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Martha's Vineyard Estate Returns, Now Asking $118 Million

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When a 266 acre Martha's Vineyard estate came to market last July, the record-setting $92 million ask made it one of the most expensive listings in the country. At the time, the acreage included a small beach cottage and a modest house behind Homer's Pond. Alas, there were no takers for the West Tisbury blockbuster and the listing went off the market earlier this year. Now, owner Gerald DuBlois has decided to expand the offering by including his own home and additional acreage for an even more insane ask of $118 million. As of today, the property is being offered in multiple configurations, causing a simultaneous priceupper and pricechop. Allow us to explain:

· $74 million: the 266 acres that had been asking $92 million is now chopped
· $44 million: the DeBlois home, with 50 acres and a tennis court
· $31 million: a 100 acre parcel
· $118 million: the entire 314 acre property
Mr. DuBlois, who bought the vast property in the early 1990s, has also decided to go the for sale by owner route and has created his own marketing company, South Light Property LLC (the website will go live today), owned by wealth manager Charles Carlson of Woburn. Along with Grace Bloodwell, a real estate broker out of Charlestown, Mr. Carlson will be in charge of marketing the property sans local brokers (although, obviously, they're welcome to show and market the listing). Ms. Bloodwell told the Vineyard Gazette:

"The thinking is that perhaps one family or a group of friends might want to get together and buy all or part of the property. I think the whole property would be a magnificent one-family thing, but if someone doesn't want to go for the whole thing, we are offering an alternative."With a sliver of the world's population in a position to take advantage of any of those possibilities, the South Light Property marketing plan will be intergalactic global.
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