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Check Out Jeremy Renner's $25M Gatsby-esque House Flip

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Because everybody has hobbies, action star Jeremy Renner—he of Hurt Locker, among others—runs a bit of a side business flipping houses with his interior designer partner Kristoffer Winters. His latest project? Well, in January he listed an L.A. home for $24.95M, an eyebrow-raising price considering he bought the spread in 2010 for just $7M. When it hit the market, the place was pegged as a "roaring '20s Art Deco style home fit for a 21st-century Howard Hughes," boasting a rebuild by architect Philip Vertoch and a head-to-toe Gatsby-style makeover. Well, CocoCozy has dug up some interior shots of the manse, now known as The Reserve, and, well, let's just say they're not a far cry from the sumptuous sets of the Baz Luhrmann film.

According to a fairly recent profile in Esquire, since 2002, Renner and Winters have flipped more than fifteen houses, though this project, a six-bedroom plunked on 1.89 acres in L.A.'s wealthy Holmby Hills, seems brave even for veterans. Still, they must be doing something right, because just last week the mini-manse went and got sold. Though, full disclosure, there's no leaked intel about the final selling price, so it's hard to tell just how well the pair made out. Anyway, onward, to the ridiculously opulent interiors:

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Photos via CocoCozy

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