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Charles Barkley Gets 500:1 Odds At Tahoe Celeb Golf Tourney

Hilarious sportscaster, former basketball champ, and current terrible golfer "Sir" Charles Barkley has been seeded last place at this week's American Century Championship golf tournament by Nevada bookies. The tournament brings together a whole host of former and current celebrity athletes to compete for a $600,000 purse and raise money for charity, with everyone from Michael Jordan to Michael Phelps to Ernie Els competing in the 54-hole tournament. And since Edgewood Country Club is on the Nevada side of the lake, there's been a copious amount of betting going on.

Sir Charles holds the last seed, with 500:1 odds, along with Trent Green, Jay Demarcus and Kevin Nealon, while former MLB pitcher John Smoltz is being seeded in the fourth place. John Elway's been given 18:1 odds, while noted golfer Michael Jordan's been seeded a bit lower at 40:1. Who's expected to win? Retired NHL star Dan Quinn, who's won the tournament five times before, is seeded in first with 7:2 odds. Call your bookie in Reno; play starts Friday.

· Odds favor previous Tahoe celeb golf winners [Lake Tahoe News]