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VIDEO: Surf Jackson Hole!

We've posted photos of it before, but thanks to this video from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you can see first-hand that there is indeed surf in Wyoming. From May to early August, when the snow melt from the Grand Tetons causes the flow of water through the Snake River to be somewhere around 10-12,000 cubic feet per second, the narrow rock canyon at Lunch Counter, just South of Jackson, squeezes the river's power and creates a standing wave that can be accessed by truly ballsy surfers (and apparently there are a few here despite being 700 miles from the nearest ocean) who jump off the rocky shore immediately onto their boards and attempt to paddle fast enough to get into the wave, lest they be taken into the whitewater rapids beyond and spit downriver. As this video with Jackson snowboard legend Bryan Iguchi and young snowboard up-and-comer Cam Fitzpatrick shows, you also have to compete with the occasional whitewater rafting trip barreling through the canyon as you try and surf. It hasn't stopped Iguchi's progression, as he's managed to master frontside airs and 360s in the furious current.

· Surf Jackson Hole [Jackson Hole Youtube]