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Adolescent's Dream Lists for $5.725M, Shark Tank Included

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There's a home on the market in Marina Del Rey, Calif., just perfect for the latest crop of 14-year-old millionaires. See, it's got all the imperative, totally-not-tacky-at-all amenities of an adolescent dream home: an oversized chessboard, a "disco ball room," a pizza oven (because, duh, you can't survive on regular-oven Pizza Rolls alone, there's got to be variety in your diet), a wine room, hanging transparent egg chairs, a glass-bottomed rooftop pool above the living room, and, the pièce de résistance a 10,000-gallon shark tank. How much for this party palace, just a ball pit, trampoline room, and "sparkle hammock" away from matching the utmost desires of Redditors and 9-year-olds alike? $5.725M, so best start saving up your allowance money now.

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· 5102 Pacific Avenue, Marina Del Rey, Calif. [Estately via Curbed LA]
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