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Wild, Awesome Wood Home In Telluride Selling For $760K

Hidden in a grove of Aspen trees on the other side of Telluride that sits past Mountain Village, this 1,724 square foot modern home is a pretty rad deal. The all-wood interior, clean geometric lines, and wrap-around windows make for a beautiful living space, with the recessed kitchen adding some interesting character to the flow of the space. The place comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, including one with a giant steam shower, and a huge deck. The exterior appeal doesn't quite meet that of the wood interior, but getting this level of design in Telluride for under a million ($760,000, to be precise) seems like a better deal that a lot of other Colorado properties we've looked at before (ahem...).

· 145 Sunset Circle, Telluride, CO [Telluride Luxury Real Estate]