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13 Cases of Quintessentially Strange 1970s Kitchen Design

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Welcome again to Back Issues, a summer series wherein Curbed raids the blissfully robust archives of House Beautiful, the grande dame of American decorating magazines, and retrieves the best bits of bygone decor. Have an old issue in the attic you'd like to share? Whip out the scanner and please, hit up the tipline.

All scans courtesy of House Beautiful

Ah, the 1970s. Will we ever tire of its noble, if unambiguously retina-scorching, dedication to shapeless forms ("marshmallow-plump foam modules!"), ugly pattern (orange plaid for days!), custom furnishings (must match everything!), ceiling treatments (mirrors, mirrors, everywhere!), and non sequitur additions (awkward horse!)? Let's hope not. The latest 1970s decor gems up for perusal? The glammy kitchens of House Beautiful, lacquered up and slathered in bright paint like the best of them. Do have a look, below.

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