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Congressional Movement On SkiLink Gondola Fizzes Out

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, movement in Congress to force the Forest Service to sell 30 acres of wilderness in between The Canyons in Park City and Solitude Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon in order for the controversial SkiLink gondola to be built has fizzled. None of Utah's federal representatives plan on reintroducing the plan, which advocates claim would be an economic boon for the state's enormous ski industry and would be a far more environmentally sound transportation option than the hour-plus drive from Park City down to Salt Lake City and back up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Solitude (SkiLink would allegedly take eleven minutes). Opponents frown on the environmental impact of the project, which they claim crosses sensitive wildlife habitat while setting a bad precedent for the Forest Service to sell public land to private interests.

Some local leaders want to wait until the results from the sweeping Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) are released, as the EIS is set to take a more comprehensive look at transportation needs in Salt Lake and the surrounding Wasatch range. As well, the SkiLink project was proposed when Talisker ran The Canyons, and the new managers, Vail Resorts, haven't decided if they want to pursue the project or not.

· Push in Congress for SkiLink appears dead - for now [Salt Lake Tribune]
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