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Here's a Look at Nate Berkus' New, Moody L.A. Digs

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Inking the pages of the August Harper's Bazaar is the newly editorial-ready home of prolific designer/real estate fickle Nate Berkus and his new fiancé Jeremiah Brent. While initially attracted by their new home's architectural pedigree—the Hollywood Hills two bedroom was designed in 1939 by L.A. mastermind John Elgin Woolf—it was the original Hollywood Regency details that got the two interiors aficionados to buy. The green-and-black kitchen, 1950s stove, marble-inlaid parquet floors, and "pool that seems to lap up against the living room," as Harper's Bazaar writes, were just too much. Brent burst into tears. They bought it and, later, outfitted "Hollywood's chicest lair" in fat swathes of black, "saddle, and bourbon."

The story asks the important questions, like how do two design-minded people agree on an aesthetic they both enjoy, staving of "the makings of a design show from hell"? Turns out, it's not really an issue: "I think our styles are now becoming one, which is really exciting to see," Berkus told Harper's Bazaar. "We fight about pizza, not about picking out lamps."

But, then again, it's pretty easy to agree that their totally enviable coterie of design purchases, including a "Pace Collection chair reupholstered in shearling [and] a set of Knoll Bertoia wire chairs with alligator cushions."

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