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Artist Plunks NYC Inside the Grand Canyon and it's Gorgeous

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Inspired by a recent trip to the most famous bits of the U.S. of A., Switzerland-based photographer Gus Petro mashed two of the nation's most recognizable locales: the reds and purples of the river-hewn Grand Canyon and the concrete-and-steel paradigm of industrious that is the Manhattan cityscape. The result is breathtaking—as if a proper merging of two of the country's most endlessly photographed 'scapes could be anything but—and somehow manages to make both places seem even more impressive. "Most of the people, who haven't been in any of these places, thought it was real," Petro told Curbed NY. "They began questioning me where it is." How exactly did he Photoshop so beautifully? A magician never reveals his secrets. Was this headline a pun? You'll never know.

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