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Pillsbury Family Lake House, Southways, Now $30M Cheaper

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When Southways, the former Pillsbury family summer estate on Lake Minnetonka, first came to market back in 2007, it carried an ambitious $53.5M price tag. Now, after almost six years on the market, the 32,000-square-foot mansion and its 13-acre environs have seen that price slashed, all the way down to $24M. Located just 15 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, the lakefront compound includes the nine-bedroom main house, a Sabrina-style carriage house, a greenhouse, a tennis house, a beach cottage, and a dock. The interiors, which total more than three-quarters of an acre, are done up in extravagant style, with broad hallways, a very formal dining room, multiple sitting rooms, a indoor jacuzzi surrounded by frescos, his and hers dressing rooms, and intricately carved moldings throughout. Built in 1918 for the Pillsbury family, the brick pile has since passed to investor James Jundt, who, after hosting then-President George W. Bush on the property in 2006, has decided to downsize. That is, of course, if anyone comes along to buy this pricey behemoth.

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