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Evernote's Offices Boast Coffee Bar, 'Unforced Spaciousness'

Next up on the world tour of wonderfully weird tech company office spaces: the studio space of prolific online data storage company Evernote. For the start-up's offices in Redwood City, Calif., the architects at Studio O+A take a more, err, streamlined (read: fewer blue hair installations, orange groves, and tiki bars) approach to the "informal collaboration" goal, with a reception-area with a coffee bar—with, duh, "a fully functioning donut and pastry counter"—chalk art, and a super wide white ash stairway with "cushioned step seating to make it a natural gathering place," write the architects. It all attributes to an air of "unforced spaciousness," without seeming too sterile or, worse, corporate. More below.

Arch Daily

Also in the space: a large communal dining room, ping-pong table, fitness center, and "a series of strategically placed snack and coffee counters." Write the architects:

"An echo of Evernote's mission of turning impulses into lasting archives of information, our design transforms the spontaneous habits of its staff (grabbing a donut on arrival, for example) into a lasting element."

Arch Daily

Arch Daily

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