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Late Cavit Wine Founder's Long Island Estate Listed for $6M

David Taub might not have invented Pinot Grigio grapes, but he did introduce Pinot Grigio wine to American shores. Branded as Cavit—and sold with the help of talk show host Dick Cavett—the wine went from a complete unknown to selling 500,000 cases in two years. By 2010, that number had grown even further, to three million cases, and the wine had made Taub quite rich. In 1998, Taub poured part of that fortune into this historic Long Island estate, paying $1.9M for 5.5 acres and an 11,000-square-foot manor house. The wine pioneer passed away last year and now the estate is up for sale again, asking just under $6M. The densely treed grounds include a swimming pool, pool house, and a tennis court.

· 6 Dogwood Hill [Shawn Elliott via Zillow]
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