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Inside China's Crazy Horseshoe Hotel, Open Next Month

Never ones to shy away from gutsiest of architecture, developers in China—home to the world's largest building and the world's next tallest building, plus starchitect-designed blobs, phallic towers, and 515-foot standing rings—are wrapping up construction on the horseshoe-shaped Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, which we first took a peek at back in February and is set to open officially in August. According to the Telegraph, which recently spotlighted photos, the oval shape actually continues under water, giving the light-up gummy ring its horseshoe shape. It's unusual, sure, but, then again, craziness is relative, and compared to, say, suburban housing on top of malls or buildings that resemble pairs of pants or cliff-embedded "groundscrapers," this is positively routine.

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