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Is Condé Nast Retooling the Domino Brand Yet Again?

Sources tell Curbed that Michelle Adams has gone to Domino to steer the ship, suggesting that the little cult-obsession shelter brand could be revived yet again, and perhaps in an online-only format. This would be a full-circle move for Adams, who had been an assistant market editor at Domino until publisher Condé Nast shuttered the magazine amid the recession. She launched Lonny in late 2009, not long after being laid off, and just this March, after running the PDF-powered pub for three years, announced she was leaving Lonny to "pursue other projects."

When Domino Quick Fixes—a seasonal newsstand-only version of the dear-departed monthly magazine that publisher Condé Nast shuttered in 2009 amid the recession—hit shelves last year, it was met with "shrieks of excitement from design-obsessed shelter magazine readers everywhere," as the Washington Post's Terri Sapienza wryly put it, yet it was also criticized for plainly regurgitating original Domino photos, many of which can still be viewed on The Domino Magazine Files Flickr account.

At the moment the Domino Quick Fixes site is down and its Twitter hasn't been updated since mid-June, suggesting that a major re-tooling is afloat. Word is the magazine is shooting an old Coco Chanel flat in Paris—perhaps this one?—which could mean that original content is in the works.

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