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Pharrell Williams' Penthouse Undergoes Hip Hop PriceChop

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Rapper and design junkie Pharrell Williams has slashed the price of his three-story Miami penthouse by $5.9M. Originally heaved onto the market with a $16.8M pricetag, the penthouse—which is located Miami's luxe Bristol Tower and boasts such typical hip hop design fare as absurd ocean views, Family Guy art, and strange leggy furniture (below)—now asks just $10.9M. Apparently not even being kinda-sorta besties with starchitects like Chad Oppenheim and Zaha Hadid can wrangle a buyer willing to shell out close to $17M, even if the pad does include 360-degree views, seven parking spaces, and a cupola. Ah, but remember what the wise The Real Estalker commenter once said: "he picked it up at the height of the real estate boom for $12 million and is trying to get almost $17 million for it Florida. GTFO." Anyway, take a tour, below.

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