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Google Plans New $1B, 1M-Square-Foot London Headquarters

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Just two years after completely customizing its current London headquarters with the assistance of Scott Brownrigg Interior Design, Google is considering consolidating its London offices in a brand-new, $1B building that has been designed from scratch to suit the tech giant. The new structure is, oh, slightly larger than the 40,000-square-foot old headquarters, measuring nearly 1 million square feet. Designed by the London-based firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, the offices, if approved by city planners, are slated to be completed in 2017.

? Occupying an irregularly-shaped block near King's Cross Station, the new HQ will feature retail and restaurants on the public ground floor, with the offices above, and a terraced green roof on top. Sloping up from seven to 11 stories, the building will house the usual Google suite of absurd amenities, although aside from a "cycling ramp," few details have yet emerged. Green building techniques are fully integrated into the new design, which calls for "steel framing with cross laminated timber panels," and the builders hope to achieve a LEED Platinum rating for the sprawling complex.

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