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See the 'Internalized World' of an Art Studio/Home Combo

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Today in the wide world of absolutely gorgeous home conversions: a south London warehouse gutted and brightened by local architect Dingle Price. Price stripped the interiors of the Victorian space and carved out a double-height studio and two-story dwelling for a painter and his family. Skylights flood the interiors—and the huge canvases and dripping paint cans that occupy it—in natural light, and the design's all-white, pine-clad surfaces make what could otherwise be a claustrophobic environment—a tendency for artists' workspaces, it seems—just a little more breathable. What does the designer have to say? "It's quite an internalised world," Price told Dezeen. "When you're in there you don't really look out. It's a kind of internal landscape where, instead of looking at a landscape, you're looking across a sequence of spaces." More photos, below.

· House for a Painter by Dingle Price Architects [Dezeen]