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Big Reveal: How Much for a 'Charming' Edgartown Cottage?

And, now, the answer to last week's asking price guessing game.

Location: 27 Deacon Vincent Way, Edgartown
Asking Price: $949,000
The Skinny: We ferried over to Edgartown for our weekly asking price guessing game. This "Quintessential Vineyard Cottage" last changed hands in 2010 for $785,000 and before that, was sold in 2006 for $845,000. The current owners put the "adorable and charming" four bedroom cottage on the market just a few weeks ago for $949,000, no surprise to most Curbed voters. Have a listing you'd like to see as a Pricespotter? Send us an email or leave it in the comments. As always, anonymity is guaranteed.

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· Listing: 27 Deacon Vincent Way, Edgartown [Zillow]