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Riverfront on Sun Valley's Chocolate Gulch For $2.6 Million

If there's anything more magical than spending your days in the idyllic valleys and peaks of one of our covered ski towns, it's probably having waterfront property in that place on a road called Chocolate Gulch. Thankfully, this afternoon's lifting will satisfy those of our readers who dare to dream of such a life. This 4,600 square foot property a few miles past downtown Ketchum has five acres of South-facing lawn that descends from a dinner party-worthy back deck down to the quiet ebbs and flows of the Big Wood River. A number of other earthy amenities seek to satisfy any retiring-banker-cum-back-to-the-lander: a five-car garage with space for both your Chevy Tahoe and your Prius, a greenhouse, a hot tub, a backyard teepee that begs for summer slumber parties, and for all the equestrians out there, the place is mare-compatible.

That all leaves us real curious as to what's going on inside (other than five bedrooms and five baths), as we don't get a single interior shot to feed our musings of what that $2.6 million would get us...

· 109 Chocolate Gulch Road, Ketchum, Idaho [McCann Daech Fenton]