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Architect Transforms Old London Loos Into Her Personal Pad

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Photos via Telegraph

Considering that (1) Londoners apparently have a thing for renovating old public bathrooms—one coffee shop even kept the antique urinals around for patrons to enjoy their macchiatos in a period-perfect setting—and (2) urban dwellings are so often tucked away wherever people can find room—billboards! railway bridges! shopping malls!—it makes a lot of sense that an ingenious young architect took it upon herself to craft a roughly 600-square-foot one-bedroom out of a pair of subterranean public loos. It took Laura Jane Clark of Lamp Architects some six years to persuade the city to let her buy the forsaken stalls at the Crystal Palace Parade, and that was only hurdle number one. She ended up doing much of the renovation—teardown, wall builds, plumbing, electrical, and decorating—herself.

Though entirely underground, skylights let light into the apartment, which once housed separate ladies and gents restrooms, plus a little extra space for the attendants' office. There's even—could it be?—a teeny tiny terrace. Living large, indeed.

Photos via Laura Jane Clark

· Crystal Palace Underground Toilets Renovation [official via Telegraph via Apartment Therapy]