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Man Eschews Picket Fence in Favor of 164-Foot Aquarium

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It's no breaking news that rich people enjoy themselves a nice aquatic feature. Still, the custom fixture of Turkish "businessman and topograpical engineer" Mehmet Ali Gökçeo?lu, a $21K, 164-foot-long "aqua-fence," may take the cake for world's most absurd private aquarium. Yes, Gökçeo?lu stocked his property line with sea bass, mullets, eels, and octopuses, but perhaps more costly is his 17-camera surveillance network, complete with a facial recognition and alarm systems. Unsurprisingly, his estate in Izmir, Turkey, is something of a siren song for a lot of tourists—but, unlike the experiences of others living in semi-famous residences, the visitors are actually treat for Gökçeo?lu, provided, of course, they don't trip any alarms. More photos, below.

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