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This Emergency Facility is All Dolled Up in Rainbow Fins

Turns out covering an industrial plant in greenery is but one way designers strive to keep the blight from some of architecture's most utilitarian buildings. Chicago-based architecture firm R_B Arc has bedecked the façade of this central water chiller on the Ohio State University's campus in Columbus in iridescent flaps that cast rainbows on the structure's glazed concrete exterior. Why, exactly? Is there any secret science mumbo jumbo to these fins that makes the plant, which essentially maintains chilled water for critical operations, more effective? Not at all; it's just pretty. But, hey, if there was a plant smack dab in the middle of your college campus, you'd appreciate a little bit of between-class prismatic light play, too. Oh, actually, maybe not—as one Gizmodo commenter writes: "those chill panels blind you as sunlight gets focused into your eyes."

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