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Medical Innovator's Equestrian Xanadu to be Auctioned Online

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The medical industry innovator who made this Canadian ranch his retirement home—and staging ground for the introduction of the Oberlander horse breed to North America—has decided to sell the property via online auction. After failing to find a buyer at his previous $7.5M asking price, the owner has opted for a $1M opening bid on the 320-acre property, which boasts a five-bedroom main house with indoor swimming pool, billiards room, media room, and his-and-hers dressing rooms. Some of the interior design is a little suspect, particularly the bizarre fireplace surrounds and furnishings that skew post-modern, but the sprawling property and collection of outbuildings—a large garage, 10-stall horse barn, greenhouse, and caretaker's residece are also included—make this a veritable steal if it fails to attract much interest. Bidding opens this Saturday, with a $25,000 deposit required to participate.

· 8291 Olsen Road [Interluxe]