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Tour 10 Halfway-Decent Homes Listed for $10K or Less

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As Detroit catapults toward insolvency, homes are being hoisted onto the market at all-time lows. Today Curbed Detroit mapped out the listings around the city on the market for $10K or less—that's right, for well under the cost of most new cars, one can buy an entire home, provided, of course, the buyer is super into avocado green, dark-wood paneling, mustard tiling, and a mind-bending amount of electrical work. Oh, but Detroit is not the only place where such four-figure listings bloom, and a quick perusal of the nation's sputtering markets—Augusta, Ga; Rochester, N.Y.; many cities in Ohio...—glean quite a portfolio of real estate on the market in this price range. Still, operating in those waters of the MLS is dangerous business; utterly dilapidated fixer-uppers lurk around every corner. Good thing we've done the digging for you. Here now, 10 totally livable homes up for crazy-cheap prices. Do have a look, below.

· Touring Detroit's Crazy $10K (Or Less!) Real Estate Scene [Curbed Detroit]