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Come Watch Cities Collapse and Reflect Like Rorschach Tests

Like many a timelapse aficionado, photographer Michael Shainblum was enamored with the blinking lights and fading sun of the country's most bustling cities—but he wanted to approach the subject in way that was "completely out of the norm." And so he created Mirror City which, quite literally, turns each cityscape on its head, rendering San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Diego as metropolises peering into a reflecting pool. In the video, Shainblum, who has spent the last five years working with mirrored images and video, pulls the cities from the center seam, making them rise up and rotate like the world's largest kaleidoscope. The result? A "plethora of visual stimulation," as the artist describes, that looks a lot like a Rorschach test, with images getting more abstract and convoluted as the minutes pass.

· Mirror City Timelapse [Youtube via Laughing Squid]
· Shainblum films [official site]