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Nine Brutal Lines From the Latest Eisenhower Memorial Critique

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And so the saga that is Frank Gehry's upcoming Eisenhower Memorial marches on. Despite the fact that the much-embattled plans have been finally been approved, the National Civic Art Society, headed by president Justin Shubow, has once again revitalized its plea to "scrap the design in its entirety." With familiar eviscerating language, Shubow lambasted the memorial—essentially an open-air park bound by 80-foot columns and woven steel tapestries, with a statue of teenage Eisenhower "daydreaming" at the center—at a meeting of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, saying that the current scheme "makes a mockery of a national memorial and vandalizes Eisenhower's memory." Oh, but that's not all he said. Below, nine of the harshest lines from Shubow's speech:

9. "Not just crushingly inhumane in size, the pillars exhibit as much artistry as an incomplete highway overpass."

8. "What we see is a not a historical individual, but a stock character in a fable or an episode of America's Got Talent."

7. "The Lincoln Memorial engages children—and adults—without the need for an overly literal, Disneyfied diorama at its core."

6. "He inspires not a feeling of awe but of 'aww, shucks.'"

5. "When looking at the gigantic Memorial as a whole, the focal point vanishes to nothing."

4. "It is a temple, yes, but a destroyed one. It has no roof, no front, no steps, no walls. Living nature has reclaimed it from within. And the Holy of Holies, the sacred object in the temple, is missing."

3. "Depicted on that veritable iron curtain is a landscape of barren trees in permanent winter—an allegory for hopelessness and death."

2. "The Memorial is a temple to nothingness, a remnant of a ruined civilization."

1. "The statue is a sentimental piece of kitsch that belongs in a snow-globe."

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