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This White, Glass-Beaded Room Is Totally Not a Clubhouse

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OK, fine, this maybe a little old fashioned, but let's break it down, shall we? Things supposed to be in a clubhouse: sleeping bags, sawdust smell, and rope ladders. Things not supposed to be in a clubhouse: chandeliers, golden door handles, and "a vivid variety of materiality and texture to express variation in space and atmosphere." Though once you get past the fact that Zhengzhou Clubhouse is 100 percent not a clubhouse at all—sort of like how 20-ton mansions in the woods cannot possibly qualify as treehouses—it becomes easy to see the banquet room designed by Japanese studio Noiz Architects for what it is: a stunning, ice-white box as cold and elegant as interiors get.

Wrapped around the double-height main hall is a suite of dining rooms, receptions and guest bedrooms, many of which are decorated with 2D Western architectural iconography—things like colorless, drawn-on oak and iron doors and all-white archways.

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