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Aspen Airport To Host Party For Stranded Travelers

UPDATED: With the upcoming USA Pro Cycling Challenge to shut down Highway 82 from the Aspen Airport East into town on August 19th from noon to 4 pm, the Aspen Airport will be hosting a party to accommodate travelers who can't reschedule their flights to take off or land around the timeframe of the race. Bobby Mason, Haden Gregg and Bryan Savage will be playing live music, while the airport will host prize giveaways and will show the three-lap cycling race on a big screen for travelers to watch when they're not fuming at the customer service reps. Traffic coming from downtown Aspen will be stopped at Owl Creek Road, and won't be able to get closer to the airport. It will be interesting to see if any wildly impatient executives will end up booking a helicopter to get them over the roadblock and straight to the bar at the Little Nell instead of waiting for hours with the other commoners in the airport lobby.

· Aspen airport to party down during USA Pro Challenge