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Eerie Photos Show the Heyday of Decaying, Decrepit Rooms

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Over in Detroit, an urban photographer known only as "Al" (and even that is not his actual name) stepped through the pilfered halls of the city's Cass Tech High School, which, like many a psych ward, theater, villa, and Olympic city before it, had been left to fall apart after it shut its doors for its interminable summer break. In the yearbook room, Al discovered boxes of loose photos, many of which were, amazingly, free from damage. Inspired, he digitized the old photos and then nestled and smudged (using Photoshop magic, of course) the film images into his personal color shots of the ruins, creating tableaus of Detroit's fading livelihood bleeding into peeling paint and disassembled debris. "I suppose I would like people to see that these buildings--for instance like Cass Tech--had a lot of life in them at one point," Al told Co.Exist. "Cass Tech had up to 5,000 students in it a day, those hallways were packed, those classes had a lot of activities going on in them."

"While it may seem like a lot of work, it's not so much of a stretch of the imagination to see these buildings with that same level of activity again," he said.

· Beautifully Mashed-Up Photos Show The Glory And Wreckage Of Detroit [Co.Exist via Laughing Squid]