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Much Space, And Many Triangles, In Big Sky

Space! Triangles! Pyramids! They're everywhere in this five bedroom in Bozeman, Montana. There's a cavernous living room, a big enough kitchen space to convert it into a squash court, weird study/landing/reception area that has plenty of space for reading and yes, triangles. The master bedroom itself has enough triangle and pyramid shapes along the walls and ceiling to make DaVinci's head spin, as well as walk-in closets big enough to hide a horse (or store your Crocs, as these folks have). On the whole, the home seems like a remarkably spacious 5810 square feet despite how many weird interior compartments make useless space of it. But aren't French doors to the master bedroom a sure sign of success? It's either that or the in-deck sandbox. Watch out kids! Selling for $787,000.

· 1131 Cougar Drive, Bozeman, Montana [Chase International]