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Here's a 1,300-Square-Foot Pool Shaped Like a Rare Violin

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Even with all this talk of luxury basements, "teen lounges," and swanked-out closets vying to be the next exorbitant home expenditure on the rich-guy frontier, it's easy to see that water features remain the preferred medium for conspicuous consumption. Sure there was the businessman in Turkey who eschewed a picket fence in favor of a 50-foot-long outdoor aquarium, the Utah residents who dug out a 40,000-gallon pool in their master bedroom, and the Hamptons homeowners with an indoor waterfall and slide, but perhaps finance executive Jay Dweck took his cue from the grand homme of gaudiness himself: Liberace.

See, back in the '50s, the piano player plunked a piano-shaped pool on his California estate. Fast-forward 60 years: Dweck has commissioned from Cipriano Landscape Design a pool that looks just like his own super rare, 18th-century Stradivarius violin. While not the only wealthy man to fix up his house up to resemble a musical instrument—must we revisit the guitar landscaping and piano stairs?—his may be the first violin pool to boast nearly half a million glass tiles, not to mention fiber optic violin strings that light up to music.

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