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Penthouse from Wall Street 2 Now Google CEO's Love Shack

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The sprawling Manhattan penthouse owned by Shia Lebouf's character in the Wall Street sequel is now an elaborate bachelor pad for Google's married CEO, Eric Schmidt, according to the New York Post. Schmidt and his wife apparently spend much of their time apart and the tech titan has allegedly taken up with a bevy of younger women in the $14.6M unit, which boasts what some might call "panty dropping" views of the Empire State Building. Where most high-dollar homebuyers in New York would insist on doorman service, Schmidt specifically sought out a building without an attended lobby, because he "doesn't want anyone to see him and his guests coming in and out." As if that weren't enough, he had the 6,000-square-foot penthouse soundproofed, ostensibly because he doesn't sleep well in the city.

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