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Hutton Wilkinson's Kooky, Maximalist Spread Asks $4.8M

The brokerbabble calls this ranch in Malibu, Calif., home to over-the-top designer and Tony Duquette protégé Hutton Wilkinson, an "Adirondack-style lodge" with "panoramic views." Curbed LA thought up a much more apt description: "it belongs to a woodsy Buddhist grandma." And the commenters? Well they have much more incisive things to say: "Looks like left-overs that are spoiling from sitting out too long" and "A few thousand gallons of the acid-blood from Aliens and it'll be fine." But let's look at the stats: more than 39 acres, a stone-and-timber lodge, a high-beam ceiling, a swimming pool (with waterfall!), a vegetable garden—you don't have to be a mathemawizard to know that all this stuff in Malibu goes for much, much more than $4.8M, and, hey, there's probably a lot of people who positively adore that less-is-less, put-a-reindeer-in-the-middle-of-the-kitchen-island aesthetic.

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