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Saudi Prince Quietly Lists London Megamansion for $154M

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Saudi prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd was hoping that he could casually and quietly unload one of his London properties without raising eyebrows. Well, that's harder than it seems when the property in question is one of the rare detached mansions on the city's coveted Kensington Palace Gardens—also known as Billionaire's Row. Despite a reported insistence on confidentiality agreements, the whisper price of the Prince's pied-à-terre has been reported as a whopping $154M. While that might be a staggering price tag in most other cities—including New York, where the most expensive publicly listed property is asking $125M—it is actually something of a bargain in London's red hot hyper-luxury market. In April, a 50,000-square-foot limestone townhouse, also said to belong to an Arab royal and pocket listed, was revealed to be asking $380M. Meanwhile, the former In & Out Club is being transformed by a pair of developers into a giant single-family home valued at $371M. A fellow Saudi currently holds the record for an asking price in London, the world-record $484M listing of four combined townhouses in Knightsbridge.

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