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Here's a Look at Philippe Starck's Version of Pre-Fab Housing

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Considering design all-star Philippe Starck has his fingers in all manner of high-design pies—modern hotel rehabs, restaurant interiors, bicycles, iconic chairs, and more—it was only a manner of time before he churned out plans for an entire pre-fabricated house. (After all, the ever-world-dominating Ikea took a stab at it, too.) Starck teamed up with Riko, a European manufacturer of pre-fab housing, to design 34 industrial dwellings called P.A.T.H., or pre-fabricated accessible technological homes. Unsurprisingly, Starck goes for clean lines and classic, modernist touches—kind of refreshing in light of some of the crazier pre-fab options cropping up these days—like aluminum-glass façes as well as solar panels, rain water collection systems, and wind turbines.

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