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Come Cozy Up to 1937's Most Strangely Kid-Friendly Bar

Introducing Back Issues, a new summer series wherein Curbed raids the blissfully robust archives of House Beautiful, the grande dame of American decorating magazines, and retrieves the best bits of bygone decor. Have an old issue in the attic you'd like to share? Whip out the scanner and please, hit up the tipline.

If shows like Mad Men have taught us anything, it's that parenting was a completely different animal in decades past. Whereas nowadays parents try and sap the glamour from vices like alcohol and cigarettes, Mom and Dad of yesteryear were, uh, pounding their fists on crazy circus-themed bars, saying things like: "Another highball, Bobby, and don't scrimp on the ice this time—if I wanted a room temperature drink I'd have asked your little sister." Or, at least, that's the impression that this strangely kid-friendly in-home bar of 1937 House Beautiful seems to give off. Apparently in the late '30s, it was totally fashionable to have your bar look like it's meant for a 6-year-old's birthday party, complete with giraffe stools and a lion's cage bar. Aw, and look! There's even a little stuffed animal caught up in the whiskey cage. The complete shot, below.

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