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Does This Museum Look More Like a Stingray or an Iceberg?

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With its proposal for Pingtang Art Museum, a floating, undulating structure that looks like a puddle of white out leaking from a Fujian island, Chinese architecture firm MAD hopes to make China's next funky architectural project, vying for dominance in a field already glutted with bonkers proposals—tentacled truffles or alien pinecones, anyone—and ambitious, half-baked schemes. This museum, off the island of Pintang, would span 40,000 square meters (430,000 square feet), making it the largest private museum in Asia. What's to go inside this snow-white stingray? What's there to house in this manmade, hilly iceberg? "Thousands of pieces of natural treasures," of course. More pie-in-the-sky renderings, below.

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