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"Garbage Warrior" Star Constructs Off-The-Grid Earthship

Seven Directions is taking sustainable living to the next level in Big Sky with what they are calling an "Earthship" in Montana. Designed to let its dwellers live off the grid, the eco-obsessed company teamed up with Earthship Biotecture to create a home that is completely self-sufficient with every amenity of a modern abode. Using a thermal mass solar system, the home can generate its own electricity, recycle water, control climate and grow its own food – all free from public utilities.

Actual construction of the Earthship began in May and was led by Michael Reynolds, a sustainable architect and founder of Earthship Biotecture based in Taos, New Mexico. He's also the star of the award-winning documentary
"Garbage Warrior," which shares his epic story of experimenting with the science behind these radical homes over the past 40 years. Reynolds enlisted the help of local contractors from southwest Montana to complete the project over the past 12 weeks.

"My goal is to utilize this Earthship as an inspirational and educational tool," says Seven Directions founder Scott Maybee. "We can live truly sustainable lives in sync with our planet without sacrificing any modern comforts."

So what's an Earthship made of? Throughout the course of construction the team received major materials shipments of:

• 1,000 used automobile tires
• 1,000 aluminum cans
• 1,000 plastic bottles
• 900 boxes of cardboard
• 60 Vigas timbers
• And A LOT of glass

And if National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers" ( is your thing, an Earthship might just be the best next move for you. It's armed for any natural disaster on its own so you're "prepared for the unexpected, not the end of the world." You can also stock up on everything from solar power chargers and radio flashlights to four-person emergency kits and a Bear Grylls Hatchet on the Seven Directions website if your home is on the grid.

The "Earthship" is officially ready for take off in Big Sky and will lower its doors on Saturday, August 10th for a public open house and Q&A session with Reynolds from 2-5 p.m. (Lot 27, Michener Creek Rd.)
—Katie Shapiro