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The CapeFLYER Might Be Extended Through Columbus Day

According to The Boston Globe, the CapeFLYER is so awesome that service might be extended through October. Initially, the plan was for the Boston to Hyannis train to run from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but extended service into the shoulder season is now a possibility. Tourists, car-free Bostonians, cyclists (bikes ride free), and plenty of others have been taking advantage of the new passenger rail service:

"Since service began on Memorial Day weekend, the train has transported nearly 9,000 passengers — almost 900 of them last weekend — between Boston and Hyannis. The increasingly popular venture has collected enough fares to cover the approximately $165,000 annual cost of operating the train, and the service may be extended until Columbus Day."Here's hoping.
· Appeal of weekend train to Cape Cod is growing [Boston Globe]