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Sky City Tower Halts Construction After Just 10 Days' Work

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Well, the long-awaited celebratory remarks for the groundbreaking of China's Sky City Tower, the 220-story skyscraper that developers once insisted—then recanted, then insisted again—would take just 90 days to build, may have come too soon. In a totally-not-shocking-at-all development, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) has officially kiboshed its promise to build the world's next tallest skyscraper in a breakneck 90 days 210 days. Due to a paperwork mishap (a Changsha Urban Planning Department representative told CNN that BSB has secured permits to obtain 22 acres of land, "but that's it") the developers pushed their project completion date to April—never mind the fact that construction was supposed to begin in November 2012 and finish up by March 2013. The renderings are below.

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