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'Russian-American Paris Hilton' Relists $50M NYC Penthouse

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With all the action on the high-end of the NYC property market, the Russian oligarch heiress Anna Anisimova has decided it is time to try again on the $50M sale of her penthouse at the Time Warner Center. Her father, billionaire aluminum baron Vasily Anisimov, bought the place back in 2004 for just under $10M, the same year that he shelled out $550K to rent Anna a summer home in Southampton. She has since upgraded to a $23M townhouse formerly owned by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and has been renting out this sky-high aerie for $60K a month. Now one of the Anisimovs—Anna's father has seen his fortune vacillate wildly over the past couple years—has decided to attempt a $50M sale or, barring that, take in $70K a month in rent.

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