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This is What Happens When Miles Redd Designs a Beach House

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This month's Architectural Digest boasts a gorgeous tour of a Miles Redd-designed vacation spread in the Bahamas, a beach house dipped in lush colors and decked in the maximalism that earned the designer the top slot at Oscar de la Renta Home and a love-hate relationship with much of NYC's design world. (If you want to taste a bit of the controversy, check out the comments for some of his listed designs. They can be brutal.) Love the aesthetic or not, the plantation-style Pineapple Hill estate in Lyford Cay is utter Redd, with lots of hand-painted detail and dizzying, fairy-tale-style pattern. Once "covered in beige and grass cloth," the house was immediately torn asunder by Redd and his team ("beige, of course, is like Kryptonite to Redd," AD writes.) His idea for the space? "I envisioned it as part Babe Paley and part Auntie Mame, with a dash of Texas brio and a splash of daiquiri." Right then.

"Miles walked in and immediately said, 'We have to tent this, paint that, reupholster those things,'" the owner told AD. The result? Gleaming cerulean floors, circus-like fabric draping, and silvered trees in the entry hall (top), lots of china pattern in the living room (above), and bold stenciling, preppy pink, and parrot pictures on the walls of the TV room.

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