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Tour the Bloody Interiors of This Stunning, Sordid Diorama

Whereas many miniaturists rebuild scenes that are sunny and beautiful—homes of children's stories, lovely contemporary spreads, and the like—French painter Marc Giai-Miniet is one of the handful of artists who favors slightly twisted, cacophonous dioramas, often from bleak memories and histories. His "boxes" are filled with things like rusted machinery, blood-stained subway tile and butchered animals, dripping paint, exposed concrete, rusted furnaces and, peculiarly, hundreds and hundreds of tiny books, their crooked spines obscured by ladders and scaffolding. Architizer writes that his work references images from his own memory, including the mechanic shop his father owned and photos he discovered of concentration camps.

Architizer also mentions that his work may be a sideways look at the human body-machine, wherein bones are represented by scaffolding and the box itself, skin as cladding, fat as insulation, and that sputtering furnace as the heart, powering it all as it slowly falls apart. Uplifting? Definitely not. But incredibly intriguing nonetheless.

Scroll down for the jumbo shot.

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