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Come Take a Look Inside Molly Sims' Bev Hills Colonial

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Actress/model/real estate connoisseur Molly Sims recently showed off her home in Beverly Hills to brand-new shelter site Domaine, giving a tour of the space she calls "young and modern, but also lived-in," with scuffed industrial accents and lots of layers of cool neutrals. It's all an amalgam of Sims' easy aesthetic and her husband's (producer Scott Stuber) penchant for, uh, beige. In fact, prior to the redo by designer Kishani Perera, Sims says "The whole house was beige, except for a red leather-paneled bathroom that looked like somewhere people do cocaine."

While an uncluttered look was a priority in the redesign, the couple still have much of their art collection on display, including a portrait of absurdist writer Paul Auster (above) by contemporary artist Samuel Messer.

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