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Here's a Crowded Urban Dystopia Built Entirely Out of Legos

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Inspired by the roughage of crowded, urban settings—just the kind of stuff found in Hong Kong's horrifying Kowloon Walled City, which served as inspiration—a team of eight Lego fanatics have built Cyber City, a model of a population-dense locale that took a sharp turn for the dystopic, complete with darkened restaurants, barred windows, neon lights, and exposed power lines. The whole set-up is made of three separate islands that together measure five feet tall and take up a five-foot-by-four-foot surface space. As is the case for most elaborate Lego masterpieces—be they Batcaves, Ghostbusters HQs, or 400K-piece Hogwarts castles—the work is in the details, so have a look at some close-up shots, below.

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