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Watch Out Spicoli - It's The Tahoe Paddleboard Cops!

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Truckee, California's police department is starting a new craze this summer that is sure to be the darling of waterfront cops like Segways have became a favorite for cops who plainly don't want to ever exercise. They've unofficially become the first police department in the country to patrol the waters on stand-up paddleboards, which they claim allows them to have a more unobtrusive presence on Donner Lake while trading information with folks more easily (while also giving them the chance to make sweet GoPro videos, brah!). For those more familiar with portly wannabe military characters with crew cuts and tough attitudes, Truckee's SUP cops may be summer 2013's fittest, trendiest, and chillest police force. SUP on, brah!

· California Cops Cruise On Stand-Up Paddle Patrol [Associated Press]

Donner Lake

Donner Lake, Truckee, CA