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World's Largest Building Opens in—Where Else?—China

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China, veritable treasure trove of extreme architecture, home to the world's next tallest tower, a crop of Zaha Hadid-designed blobs, Machu-Picchu-esque supermarkets, mushroom houses, architectural phalluses, and oh so much more, has officially added "World's Largest Building" to its roster of insane offerings. At 1.7M square meters—that's 18.3M square feet, and more than 18 times the size of Google's colossal London HQNew Century Global Center is practically a pop-up city in its own right. What makes the project extra mind-blowing? Well, besides the fact that it, you know, actually exists outside the realm of renderings, it actually only took a year to build.

Inside the glassy, 18-story structure: a 14-screen IMAX theater, shops, offices, hotels, a faux Mediterranean village, and—but of course!—a stretch of artificial beach, complete with LED sunsets and piped in ocean breezes. According to Gizmodo, one could squeeze three Pentagons inside 18M square feet, or 20 Sydney Opera Houses. It's more than a half a million square feet larger than the former title holder, Dubai's International Airport Terminal 3. Any bets on when the world's next most behemoth building will break ground?

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