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Watch as Ikea, Once Again, Uses Life-Sized Toys in Ads

Ikea's marketing team—the same responsible for TV ads featuring trippy aerobics, battle-worn (and controversial) lawn gnomes, and, of course, farmer dominatrixes—has, yet again, brought out the moderately creepy human-sized toys to convince the populace to buy all manner of flatpack KLIPPAN couches and bunk beds. One would think this commercial—which stars two humanoid plastic dolls, a single-parent and her son—could be explained by the fact that the ever-world-dominating retailer recently rolled out a small collection of doll furniture, but, no, there's no mention of that at all, and the ad showcases much more than the furniture available in miniature form. Peculiar? Sure, but the depiction of a loving, totally functional single-parent family—Ikea is known for spotlighting "all kinds of customers"—is touching, even if said family happens to be a couple of hair-raising Barbie lookalikes.

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